Pursuing Personal Injury Compensation

After a work injury strikes, you are likely worried about your recovery and wondering how you will get enough money to pay your medical bills and support your family.

Explore Your Options

You may be able to claim lost pay, medical bills, your mental and physical pain and suffering and disciplinary damages. That is why it is essential to talk with an attorney after a work injury to see if you have a valid personal injury claim for compensation. Queens lawyer Roy L. Silverberg knows that losing wages can create hardship for most families, so that is why he negotiates for the maximum settlements possible for his clients.

Personal Injury Types

Personal injuries can occur at any place and time. If you suffer an injury, you can file a personal injury claim in the state of New York against the responsible party. Personal injuries that happen at work include:

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The Law Offices Roy L. Silverberg handle all of the paperwork associated with your claim, translating for you if necessary so that you can stay informed and educated during the claim settlement process.

Our lawyer is experienced in creating persuasive arguments that secure favorable settlements without having to go to court. Also, we provide VIP services that make living with an injury a little easier for you and your family while we pursue your claim.

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