Third-Party Liability Claims Explained

When Is A Third Party Liable For A Workplace Injury?

A third party, one other than your employer, can be responsible for your workplace injury through their actions or negligence. The Law Offices Roy L. Silverberg in Elmhurst regularly accomplishes and builds cases for third-party liability claims. Our legal team can explain if your injury falls into this injury claim category.

What Are Third-Party Liability Claims?

A third-party liability claim is a lawsuit filed after an employee gets injured at work from a cause unrelated to the employer. Even though these types of claims may stem from construction site injuries, work injuries where a third party is at fault, providing causation for the injury, are common.

Proving Causation

Proving causation is key in determining if you have a third-party liability case. To establish causation, the circumstances of the accident show that an accident could have been prevented with proper attention to safety conditions in the workplace. Examples of this include:

  • A car accident caused by another motorist during a work delivery
  • An electric shock injury from an improperly manufactured tool
  • A parking lot fall from a maintenance company's failure to provide contracted snow removal services

Lawyer Silverberg is experienced in analyzing client's situations in great detail to determine whether your circumstances qualify to launch a third-party liability claim.

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