Steps To Take To Protect Your Claim After An Accident

It is important to know what steps to take to protect your claim after an accident. Here are some steps to remember if you or a co-worker gets injured on the job.

Get Medical Help

Immediately after an injury, you or a co-worker needs to call 911 for medical attention. Delays in receiving medical care can result in life-changing damage or death. If possible, do not move from the spot where you were injured until first responders can stabilize you and transport you safely.

Stay Aware

If you are conscious after being injured, take note of which co-workers are in the vicinity at the time of your accident. Are they talking about what they saw and heard immediately before and after your injury occurred? Remember as much as you can so you can recall it later for documentation. If you can, ask a co-worker to take photos of the accident site.

Call Your Attorney

New York personal injury attorney Roy L. Silverberg can visit you in the hospital or at your home while you recover. Our lawyer will ask you about the work injury and document what happened to you, who may have seen the accident happen and what you noticed about your work conditions.

Follow Doctor's Orders

You may feel you need to go back to work no matter what your doctor says, but it is important to follow the medical expert's advice for the best recovery possible. Law Offices Roy L. Silverberg has contacts and resources to help you and your family while you get better and pursue a work injury claim.

Get In Touch With Us

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