Common Injuries In The Workplace

Almost any workplace is at risk of causing injury to its workers, whether from:

  • Faulty work conditions
  • Negligence of a co-worker
  • Employer or property owner negligence

There are several types of injuries that Law Offices Roy L. Silverberg in Elmhurst sees regularly each year. Here are some examples of common workplace injuries we see at our firm.

Chemical Exposure

Custodial and maintenance staffs are often harmed by exposure to harmful chemicals used in the process of cleaning and maintaining buildings and landscaping. Skin burns and lung damage are just two of the problems that can result.

Falling Objects

Tools and construction materials are common falling objects on work sites. This type of accident can cause serious brain injury and broken bones. Even if you think that you are not hurt badly, it is essential to get immediate medical attention after being hit by a falling object.


Slippery floor surfaces, faulty ladders and misplaced equipment are just a few of the ways that slip-and-fall accidents happen at work.

Motor Vehicle Crashes

Driving a company vehicle to deliver goods or transport equipment can be dangerous when you are in hectic traffic with inconsistent fellow drivers. Car accidents and trucking accidents can cause life-changing physical damage.

Catastrophic Crushing

Getting caught in heavy machinery may result in a limb amputation or getting crushed by a piece of heavy machinery. Severe injuries or death require added compensation for long-term medical care or the support of surviving family members.

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