Hurt At Work?

You depend on your employer to provide a safe work environment. What happens if you get hurt at work? You have a right to workers' compensation for your injuries and ongoing medical treatment. Law Offices Roy L. Silverberg in Elmhurst can take care of all the details of your case while you focus on your injury treatment.

We provide legal attorney services for employees with work injuries, including:

How To Protect Your Claim

Here are the steps to take after a New York work accident to best protect the strength of your injury claim:

  • Get immediate medical attention and follow the doctor's prescribed advice
  • Inform your employer of the injury
  • Call a personal injury attorney
  • Document the accident and how it happened, identifying any witnesses

Securing The Maximum Compensation Possible

In some cases, a third-party liability claim is possible for the work injury. If your injury qualifies for this type of claim, you could recover increased compensation from a third party, such as a tool manufacturer or a contracting company. We can advise you regarding your eligibility for this when we discuss your work injury.

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